Designer jeans in big men’s sizes and a range of lengths

Finding big men’s clothes can be hard enough, but it’s even trickier if you also need a non-standard leg length. Here at we have short length jeans in big sizes and long length jeans in big sizes as well as long trousers and short and extra short trousers so you’ll find your perfect all round fit! Our big men’s clothing collection includes sizes M – 5XL and waist sizes 36 – 54 as well as leg lengths 27in – 33in.

Short length big men’s jeans

Our range of big men’s clothing includes a great range of large sizes, but we also have short trousers and short jeans in a variety of lengths including extra short 27in leg men’s trousers and jeans, and short length 29/30 in jeans and trousers. So you know you’ll get the fit just right.

Long trousers and jeans in big sizes

If you’re a big and tall man then our range of big size men’s trousers and big men’s jeans could be ideal. Our long length jeans have an inside leg measurement of 33in making them great for tall men who wear big size clothing, large trousers and big men’s jeans.