The bigger man’s guide to looking good

Fashion tips for big men

Just because you take a larger clothing size doesn’t mean you can’t look just as stylish as your slimmer compadres. Follow our top tips for looking good and you can’t go wrong.

Get the fit right

This is the first tip for a reason – it’s by far the most important factor to consider. It’s very common for bigger men to go for clothes that are much to big for them because they aren’t happy with their figure and try to hide it. This however will only make you look bigger than you actually are – the opposite of what you want to achieve. Similarly, don’t think that squeezing yourself into a size too small will make you look smaller. Pulling buttons and stretched or wrinkled fabric will only draw attention to your size. Your best bet is to go for clothing that’s nicely fitted without being too loose or too tight. This rule applies to all styles of clothing, from tops, coats and suits to jeans and trousers.

Think about proportions

Keeping all your items of clothing to a bigger scale will look more in proportion to your build and hence make you look slimmer. This is particularly important when it comes to patterns and accessories. Look for patterns with large motifs that won’t get repeated too many times on an item rather than something small and fiddly that you will see lots and lots of in a larger size. Go for wide ties, chunky belts and bigger watches as these will also have a slimming effect on a bigger frame.

Draw the eye to where you want it

Many stylists today use clever dressing tricks to draw the eye away from problem areas and to draw attention to areas you want people to focus on. These ideas may be clever, but they’re actually really easy to put into practice. For many bigger men, the area they want to minimise most is their tummy. To divert attention away from this area, keep the focus up around your face. Good ways to do this are with a V neck top or open neck shirt that makes lots of space around your face. Or try wearing a bright tee under a V neck sweater. A colourful scarf also works well but be careful not to hide your neck completely. Emphasising your shoulders with epaulettes or a jacket light shoulder pads will make your middle appear slimmer. Also look for T-shirts with a horizontal stripe at the chest or running shoulder to shoulder.

Create the appearance of more height

If you look taller then by default you will look slimmer. An easy way to do this is with vertical lines so go for pinstripe suits or corduroy or needlecord trousers. These will draw the eye smoothly down your body for the appearance of added height. Another way to do this is to stick to one colour top and bottom. By not breaking your body up into sections you’ll appear taller and slimmer.