Find your perfect length trousers

How to find big men’s trousers in the perfect length

When you’re shopping for men’s trousers you need to remember that both the waist size and leg length are key to getting the right fit. The ideal length for a pair of trousers is around about an inch off the floor. This means your trouser or jean length will vary depending on what shoes you’ll be wearing.

If you need 29in or 30in leg trousers then short length trousers and jeans for big men will make you appear taller and smarter. If you wear 34 leg length or above you need tall men’s trousers. You don’t want to look like you’re ready for a flood

How to find the right trouser length for you

· Bear in mind the fact you’ll be wearing shoes, if using a tape measure ensure you’re wearing the same footwear as you would with the trousers you’re buying.
· Measure your inseam from your crotch to the back of your foot, making sure you take the measurement to an inch from the floor.
· Measure around your waist, getting the right waist size will ensure the length is correct too.
· If you’re shopping for jeans and are worried about wearing them with different shoes then go for the longest of your lengths. Jeans can always be turned up if need be.
· Invest in a good belt. This will allow for weight fluctuations and ensure your trousers and jeans always fit.

How to choose the perfect pair of big men’s trousers

Don’t forget style – no matter how perfectly they fit your trousers also need to suit you. A bootcut style is good for bigger men whilst if you’re tall straight leg trousers will make you appear slimmer. Tapered legs are also best for tall men.

For casual wear a few pairs of cargo pants will see you through any season, and in colder weather it’s worth investing in slouch or aged big men’s jeans for a relaxed and fashionable look.